Jan 19 2009

SlingShot- Video


My inner red neck wants to do this so bad.

SlingShot- Video.

Jan 15 2009

ROTFLMAO, Funniest GT-R Transmission Video EVAH!

2009 Nissan GT-R: Another GT-R Transmission Breaks ?.

Jan 14 2009

This is just wrong, a Rhino violates a car

Again, just goes to show that American commercials are far too prudish.

rhino car sex- Video.

Jan 13 2009

Vanity Tag Fail

Someone needs to make a blog o vanity tags gone wrong….until then there is FailBlog.org.

Diva Gina Fail « FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

Jan 13 2009

FailBlog Delivery Service

….here is a nice heaping shipment of FAIL freshly delivery courtesy of FailBlog.org, one of my favorite time wasting sites on the Internet. Follow the Jump to see a whole shipload of fail…

Pizza Delivery Fail

A whole lot more Fail after the Jump!

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Jan 7 2009

Premature Deceleration, AKA Pussyfoot

Very funny

Turbolestra — From the Creators of My New Honda- Video.

Jan 6 2009

Al Franken would keep the Volkswagon were he Hitler

I normally don’t like to post political things, but this was too f’n funny and couldn’t be missed.

YouTube – Ann Coulter and Al Franken at The Connecticut Forum.

Dec 24 2008

Cars vs Snow, Merry Christmas!

Probably my last post until after Christmas. I’m chilling out with the Family in Pensacola, so not much time to blog, but here are a few videos from those not chill’n out in Florida…snowy crashes…

Icy Crash.- Video.

Dec 19 2008

BMW X6 = Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

I was talking with my buddies Matthew and Josh and all three of us agree the the BMW X6 is supremely sexy, but there is just something about it I just can’t get past. How can you buy an SUV of that size and still not be able to comfortably transport a real dog? (You know like a Golden Retriever) Then I realized I understood the X6 at last. It’s designed to be sexy and oddly wrong, leading me to the above.

Dec 16 2008

3 Reasons Why The New GT-R SUCKS!

So Emil and I swapped cars for a weekend. Me? I took his 997 GT3 to Malibu trying to get him a colelction of speed camera tickets in the Canyons.  Him?  Took my GT-R to a drag strip (really? Not even a road course?).  We each learned a little about each other’s cars.  For me, it’s that Porsche doesn’t make a proper racing seat for a Big Whopper ass like mine. For Emil, well click the link to read his review….

The Cartorialist » Blog Archive » 3 Reasons Why The New GT-R SUCKS!

PS look for video in two days from Garage419 as they pit my car against a Nitrous rental…. Can’t wait to see the outcome.