Dec 25 2008

The Death Race Movie-car Mustang- Video

Alexis just uploaded this interview he did of the Deathrace Mustang. I have to admit that is one of the cool things about living in LA is easy access to these on screen legends.

The Death Race Movie-car Mustang- Video.

Nov 26 2008

Don’t we all have a car like this?

Seriously I’m driving Japan’s finest machine ever, the GT-R, but I still miss my old 1983 Firebird that got me through high school. I guess that is why this trailer sort of speaks to me. wish I still had that car so I could race it…..

YouTube – Eric Bana – Love the Beast – Clarkson Leno Dr Phil.

Nov 14 2008

Most Amazing Drift Video ever!

wow, simply wow, I’m going to show this one to my buddy Sam Hubinette and tell him the bar has been officially raised.

Ken Block destroying an airstrip!- Video.

Oct 29 2008

Flip a Bitch 2 Video

Really funny video, and really appreciate the call out they do to my Streetfire team half way through.

And 1:28 in they mention this video we shot.

Flip a Bitch 2 Video Trailer on GTChannel- Video.

Oct 27 2008

RENNSPORT ONE EVOMS Gallardo in Miami – Video

Looks like modded Gallardos are becoming the new industry norm… love it!

RENNSPORT ONE EVOMS Gallardo in Miami – Video.

Oct 14 2008

Video, Trance and the BMW, oh and my M3 is for sale

Pretty cool video. And just a reminder, my 2003 BMW M3 with only 36K miles is for Sale.

Eurowerkz Performance BMW Magazine Shoot- Video.

Oct 5 2008

Prettiest Drag Racing Video ever

So in the course of my job I watch A LOT of drag race videos, so I think this is the one area I have some small shred of authority…..and I have to say this is the prettiest Drag Race video I’ve seen yet.  Know of one better?  Then please give me a link, I want to see it.

Bandimere T&T Nights- Video.

Sep 25 2008

Video, Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene with Exotics

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/

One of my favorite movie scenes remade by an amatuer French filmaker.  Very cool.

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/- Video.

Sep 19 2008

Best Ferrari Video Ever

Posted by GTO3987 on YouTube, I found this via`illpayne on NAGTROC.  This video illustrates what I love about cars, the freedom, the fun, the speed.  Combined with th fact I know and drive those roads above my home here in LA.  More than anything though, this video reminds me of a Ferrari owner buddy of mine, that sticks his finger in the eye of Ferrari diaper washers, and drives the car like it should be.

This video should be preserved as Art.  Great find.

Sep 19 2008

VIDEO cars and girls in Hungary

carsandgirls again with a nice little tunner Girl showing us the Euro scene.  Love it, Cars and Girls transcend borders.

carsandgirls- Video.