Oct 22 2008

High Heels plus motorcycle burnout = Sexiest Chick ever

Shinkaze is but a man and therefore a slave to context.

Blondie Does little Burnout on a Bike- Video.

Oct 20 2008

No Silly girl, the other one

ROTFLMAO so at first I thought this video was “hot chick falls asleep on hood of car“, but about 1 minute 10 seconds in you realize just how much gray mater we’re dealing with here.

ECS’s DVL’s H/C walk around video- Video.

Oct 17 2008

Dodge Challenger Bikini Car Wash- Video

Old but worth posting still. I have about a gig worth of video cluttering up my hard drive that is all B-Roll from this shoot.

And of course I took plenty of photos on this shoot as well..

Believe it or not Dodge was pretty happy with this shoot since it was part of a larger “Challenger Week” we ran on the site.  My Favorite video from that week was actually the Top Gear Photo shoot we did.  Andrew from CarPix is an amazing photographer and really did a great job explaining how he composes photos for Top Gear.

Challenger Week

Oct 5 2008

Video, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challenger

So I was lucky enough to attend this taping.  Big thanks to James for inviting me along, the StreetFire film crew had a blast, and shot some behind the scenes.

Of course those of you that have been following this blog know that my GT-R participated in one fo the shoot outs.  I’m looking forward to that one being shown soon so I can really talk about the times.

H2H Ep 14, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challeng- Video.

Sep 28 2008

Video, Crazy Swedish Girl gets hit by car…twice

2 Crazy Swedish Girls run onto Motorway hit by

People are strange, but this just proves it. Two girls intentionaly run into traffic and get hit by cars, …….twice.

2 Crazy Swedish Girls run onto Motorway hit by- Video.

Sep 24 2008

Lovely girl with a 6th series Bmw- Video

Lovely girl with a 6th series Bmw

Another one from CarsAndGirls.hu, I did Bikini Driving School yesterday, so I guess I had to shoot the low shot in Eastern Europe today.  Anyhow, nice little distraction, while I’m heading back to LA after a work week in New York. (I hope you enjoyed my post on Chrysler’s CMO)….. Didn’t get any feedback so maybe I’ll assume eveyrone loved it, and no one had any complaints.

Lovely girl with a 6th series Bmw- Video.

Sep 23 2008

Video, Bikini Driving School, silly fun

Girl on Girl: Bikini Driving School, PORN Edition

When Next New Networks first told me they were going to cary this show and put it on StreetFire, my reaction was “about time someone made this, it’s simply too obvious not to do”.  I have to think some times that as fun as my job is, the producer of this show has a lot more fun than I do ;-)

Still, in all, this show is a guilty pleasure, so feel free to atch and enjoy.

Girl on Girl: Bikini Driving School, PORN Edition- Video.

Sep 19 2008

VIDEO cars and girls in Hungary


HipStudios.hu again with a nice little tunner Girl showing us the Euro scene.  Love it, Cars and Girls transcend borders.

carsandgirls- Video.

Sep 16 2008

Photos SEMA Girls

Only a month and a half away from the biggest event in the automobile world, and what do we all talk about?  Yea, the SEMA Girls.  Here is a nice little gallery from last year.

SEMA Girls , – Images, Photos.