Jan 13 2009

chrome Mustang GT500

Tuning is alive and kicking in the UAE.

chrome and carbon supercars by car-movies.de- Video.

Jan 12 2009

Bimmerfest, New Race Headers for the V8 M3!

M3 S65 Race Headers

Good gracious, full length spaghetti hotness.  No detail int eh post, but follow the link and ask away.  My initial thought it you’re going to have Catalyytic converter pre-light off issues so expect a SES light….but then these are race headers, I just know someone is going to put them on a street car thinking there won’t be any issues.  Very happy to see parts coming out for the new M3 so quickly though.  Very good sign.

M3 S65 Race Headers – bimmerfest – BMW Forums

Jan 11 2009

LED Tail Lights on 911 Turbo

997 Turbo LED tail
Can’t wait for ext year to get a facelifted turbo?  Looks like you can make the swap today on a current 997 Turbo. “Gormanlad” from 6SpeedOnline has done the swap, more pics after the jump.

LED Tail Lights on Turbo – 6speedonline.com Forums.

Jan 11 2009

Why does SharkWerks get it and Porshe doesn’t?

I was just reading through the latest SharkWerks build up on 6SpeedOnline, and I noticed that they did what Porsche should have done years ago.  Proper paddle shifters for the tiptronic transmission.  With the new PDK dual clutch hitting dealers with some janky push-pull button arrangement I really am wondering if Porsche engineers have even driven a car with proper padle shifters?  Anyhow, happy that options exist, hope this aftermarket solution works on the new PDK system

SharkWerks 2009 997TT EVT700 Project – 6speedonline.com Forums

Jan 9 2009

Endless redefines Vented Disc

Hanging out at the GT-R Center and saw this very cool (no pun intended) venting system on the new Rotors from Endless.  While impressive in concept, I have to wonder how durable this is with all the heating and cooling cycles a disc brake goes through.  I have to imagine though, that this both saves weight and cools more effectively.  My Question is, if you’re going to spend this much for a Rotor Upgrade, now wouldn’t it make more sens to just upgrade to V-Spec Ceramic discs?

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: ENDLESS Hybrid Disc

Jan 8 2009

GTR Battle at ButtonWillow

Boo-Yah! Craig gives us another stunner.  Really hate that I missed this event, I hope to make the next one though.

GTR Battle- Video.

Jan 8 2009

The Downside of Magnesium Rims

We all have a fascination with lightweight wheels for our car, heck it’s like jewelry for your “other” woman.  Well, my buddy Brad knows a thing or two about materials and motorsport and he’s mentioned to me that some wheels are great for the track, but are simply too fragile for serious street use.  Indeed some wheels are so light, that they are basically single season throw away items.  The snap above comes from LamboPower, and illustrates the point pretty graphically.  Buyer beware, but be informed.

Jan 7 2009

Roger Clark Motorsport Snetterton Time Attack Winner on Vimeo

Wonderful work from the automotive artists of Clash Productions.
Roger Clark Motorsport Snetterton Time Attack Winner from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

Roger Clark Motorsport Snetterton Time Attack Winner on Vimeo.

Dec 23 2008

All good things must come to an end, like the Samurai Speed GT-R

Hundred launch control launches on a 600hp mid 10 second AWD monster. The only surprise to me is how strong the tranny must be to put up with that much abuse for so long!

» Record setting Nissan GT-R destroys transmission on video – DragTimes.com Drag Racing, Fast Cars, Muscle Cars Blog.

Dec 18 2008

Yoshi the GT-R takes on a Nitrous Corvette Rental

Well, as promised the video is finally out, I gave the keys to my car to Garage419, told them I didn’t want to know what they would do with it so long as Matt spanked Gene. Wishes came true


NOS Rental Vette vs Nissan GT-R – Garage419- Video.