Feb 14 2009

F1 Testing at Bahrain, Feb 13th 2009

As goofy as the new F1 cars look, at least they still sound good.

YouTube – F1 Testing at Bahrain, Feb 13th 2009. Ferrari, Toyota and BMW.

Feb 10 2009

2009 Redline Time Attack

Looking forward to going to the Buttonwillow Time Attack event next month…..with all luck we’ll send a film crew and capture the event, but in the mean time, here is a preview of what the 2009 season has in store.

2009 Redline Time Attack Promo Video- Video.

Feb 9 2009

Radical on the dyno – Video

Radical on the dyno – Video.

Feb 6 2009

Shelby gets real, and throws down gauntlet.

Carroll Shelby, Is a legend for the cars he’s built the races he’s won, and his take no crap attitude that he instills into his product. Last night Carroll threw down the gauntlet and told the other Mustang tuners to get out of the way, this is how you build a drag car. John Naderi and Will Roegge from StreetFire were there to catch the action, sadly no coverage yet of the banquet that followed were John Force called Carroll out for feeding beer to his beef herd, but hey, that’s another story. Enjoy the video, can’t wait to see this beast destroy the track.

800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M- Video.

Feb 5 2009

the Moddin’ Art channel on StreetFire

Grinner rocks, which is why we gave him a channel on StreetFire, we just got this “Station Identification” video from him that quite frankly makes me want to rewatch all his old stuff. Cool, stuff, check out his channel.

the Moddin’ Art channel- Video.

Feb 4 2009

Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z

Please somebody show this to my wife! I try to explain to her why I run race gas in my GT-R, and trust me it’s a much bigger difference in a GT-R than a 370Z…..especially since we can only get 91 Octane here in California.

XXX Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z- Video.

Jan 30 2009

Buschur Racing 2008 Video Compilation- Video

Buschur Racing 2008 Video Compilation- Video.

Jan 28 2009



Jan 28 2009

Mid 11 sec Jeep SRT8…BLOWN!!!

If there is only one reason that Chrysler deserves to live its for creating this beastie.

Mid 11 sec Jeep SRT8…BLOWN!!!- Video.

Jan 27 2009

1000 hp sorta-Tacoma at Goodwood

At What point is it really even still a truck? Here is a 1,000 HP “Tacoma” ripping up the Goodwood Festival of Speed….oh and getting held up by a real truck at the end ;-)

1000 hp!! Tacoma at Goodwood of speed/HD- Video.