Nov 12 2008

RiceBoyTV, and CarJunkieTV Fall on Hard Times

RiceboyTVThis is a tough one for me.  On one hand it always worries me seeing new VC funded car web sites come into my sector, but on the other hand, each is a validation of the space StreetFire is in.  RiceboyTV was really exciting because we figured out a way for both StreetFire and RiceboyTV to be successful working together.  Well, word just came down that their investors have gotten spooked by the market and are not fulfilling their financial obligations.  A real shame, and I have to wonder if other recent Vertical start ups are going to fall victom as well.  Anyhow I’m pullin gfor these guys and gals, I think they’re on to a great concept and hope they pull it out at the last second.

CarJunkieTV, RiceBoyTV