Scooter Groups

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Source: Long Beach Scooter Club

This past Sunday after watching week one of NFL football, I was walking out of one of the many sports bars lining Main St. in Huntington Beach and was filled with a bit of delight and envy. In front of me was a very large group of scooters riding together displaying a sense of comradery that I did not even know existed in the scooter world. Sure on any given day one is likely to see a group of motorcyclists riding along the PCH, but a group of scooters?

Source: Los Angeles Scooter Meetup Group

Source: Los Angeles Scooter Meetup Group

The only thing I wanted to do at that moment was jump on the Vespa and join, but unfortunately for me my 70 lb. dog and I couldn’t quite fit on it very well so I had to drive the car down. After further investigation I found out that there is a complete subculture of scooter enthusiasts that want to enjoy the beautiful rides in California just as much as those who ride larger two-wheeled machines.

Here is a small list of groups in Southern California.

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