Twitter Updates for 2009-09-21

  • Hmmmmm my shwank yellow "California" tourist-trap carry on bag I hastily bought at LAX just fell apart as I approached the Tumi duty fr … #
  • ime for an upgrade? #
  • Sitting on the Tarmac at FCO staring down about 18 hours of travel with only 4 hours of sleep. LA is far away. #
  • Ugh. Our plane is having a "mechanical" hope it doesn't turn into a DNF….maybe I am stuck in Roma? :-) #
  • Oh well they fixed the engine and now we are off. Was starting to get excited about an extra night in Rome. Darn! #
  • Wow the hooch is flooded. Saw it on the flight in. Missed my coonection to LAX though. #

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