My GT-R against Emil’s GT3 at Willow Springs

Torque TV: Head2Head R35 vs GT3- Video.

4 Responses to “My GT-R against Emil’s GT3 at Willow Springs”

  • abidnessman Says:

    Nice review.

    My .02

    GTR turbo charged
    GT3 NA

    GTR: AWD
    GT3: RWD

    Driver: obviously does not know how to drive a GT3

    Get a P driver there and my guess things may look real. Obviously a track inspired car will not compete with the mighty GTR on a drag strip, however, I do not buy into the driver’s poor P-car skills as demonstrated here and I have owned a GT3.

  • Adam Says:

    We had a lot of fun at this shoot, but in all fairness, Emil’s GT3 needed fresh rubber after Sam did his showboat passes. That said Emil and I swapped cars this past weekend, and I have to say the GT-R may be clearly faster, but the GT3 is far more “fun” and “raw”. Amazing machine, really I come away from the GT3 super impressed.

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