Feb 4 2009

Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z

Please somebody show this to my wife! I try to explain to her why I run race gas in my GT-R, and trust me it’s a much bigger difference in a GT-R than a 370Z…..especially since we can only get 91 Octane here in California.

XXX Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z- Video.

Nov 15 2008

Photos from the Nissan 370Z event.

UPDATED: Added video from Alexis.

First, HUGE THANK YOU TO  EDMUNDS! Very cool to put on this event and let Nissan owners get the first sneak peak at this car.  Very classy.  Second, I’m sorry these photos are so blurry, I had the exact wrong settings on my little point and shoot.  Third, I have to say stills do not do this little car justice.  The 370Z has all sorts of great angles and curves that create a lot of drama in the design.  Anyhow, here is the slideshow, stills and insider info on the GT-R after the jump

Nissan_370Z_ – 01.jpg- Album.

Follow the jump below to get a little info on my conversation with the GT-R product manager.

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