Jan 14 2009

minimalist Motorcycle powered StreetRacer

All the cool details on TopSpeed, but dayum this looks hot.  I mean, I like the Ariel Atom and all, but there is something sexy about a high reving motorcycle engine in a minimalist racer that I just love….(probably why I love the Radical so much).

For full details follow the link.

Reynard Inverter – racecar for the streets – Top Speed

Dec 5 2008

Smack My B!#CH UP, Honda CBR Video

Forget Subtlety, this European ad cuts right to the chase and shows us that American advertising is for pussies.

Smack My B!#CH UP…- Video.

Nov 22 2008

Wow, Smart Stoppie!

Hyabusa provides the balls, SMART provides the cute, massive brakes provide the fun!
Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show

VIDEO: Hayabusa-powered smart , or… a rolling death-wish on skinny tires – Autoblog.

Oct 22 2008

High Heels plus motorcycle burnout = Sexiest Chick ever

Shinkaze is but a man and therefore a slave to context.

Blondie Does little Burnout on a Bike- Video.

Sep 26 2008

Video, Bike Stunt Fail

Woops, nothng is worse that trying to show off, and prooving our true metal to a video camera.

Moron of the day | Helmet Hair – Motorcycle Blog.

Sep 21 2008

VIDEO, Texting while riding a motorcycle

Guy on motorcycle talking on the phone and sending

This is just nuts.

Guy on motorcycle talking on the phone and sending- Video.

Sep 20 2008

VIDEO – Why Motorcycling racing is cooler

How many different languages can you say”OH SHIT”i

I decied long ago that MotoGP is MUCH more fun to watch than Formula 1, I think this video sums up why.

How many different languages can you say”OH SHIT”i- Video.

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO Car v. Bike, Nitrous Hayabusa VS Turbo Viper

Nitrous Hayabusa VS Single Turbo Viper

In case you can’t tell I really look poorly on SQUIDs, and racing a Nitrous Hyabusa on the street with only a T-Shirt really isn’t my thing.

Nitrous Hayabusa VS Single Turbo Viper- Video.

Sep 12 2008

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Very well done Drag Racing compilation video.

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere- Video.

Sep 9 2008

Stunting the Loading Dock

monkey tactics mt fosho

Never seen a Loading Dock used as a stunt prop…works for me.  Cool shit, put on some gear though.

monkey tactics mt fosho- Video.