Nov 25 2008

Top Gear Season 12 Episode 4 – full episode- Video

Veyron For the Rule!

Top Gear Season 12 Episode 4 – full episode- Video.

Oct 23 2008

Photo, Bugatti Veyron Posse

Top Gear Tests all three version….most expensive car test ever?

Top Gear (via Auto Fiends)

Sep 7 2008

Coolet future cars use classic design themes.

Sexy is Sexy and this one

Bugatti Atlantic Coupe Plus Lambo doors equals classic design regardless of century. Wired has a pretty cool fanciful gallery of other neat designs.

Gallery: Cosmic Motors From Another Galaxy

Aug 18 2008

Fast Lane Daily 400th Episode, and the Bugatti Veyron.

CONGRATULATIONS! Fast Lane Daily hits 400 episodes. What do they have to celebrate? A targa-top Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Very cool, big congrats to the whole FLD team.

Bugatti Veyron GS Nissan 370Z – Fast Lane Daily -