Mar 25 2009

Now this is how you park a car!

YouTube – Honda Civic Parking Trick (ebrake).

Feb 17 2009

CFT / Red Hatch 918HP Dyno Session!- Video

Wow, that little Honda Civic has a dyno graph that looks like a skyscraper!

CFT / Red Hatch 918HP Dyno Session!- Video.

Oct 5 2008

Prettiest Drag Racing Video ever

So in the course of my job I watch A LOT of drag race videos, so I think this is the one area I have some small shred of authority…..and I have to say this is the prettiest Drag Race video I’ve seen yet.  Know of one better?  Then please give me a link, I want to see it.

Bandimere T&T Nights- Video.

Sep 12 2008

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Very well done Drag Racing compilation video.

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere- Video.