Apr 7 2009

F1 rewind to 1989

Ayrton Senna Suzuka 1989

Martin Brundle at Monaco

YouTube – F1 1989 アイルトンセナ SUZUKA 予選タイムアタック.

Feb 20 2009

73 Camaro “F Bomb” Video

I love this car, one of the all time great 2nd gen F-Cars.I was very lucky to actually meet the owner at a SEMA mixer, he’s now editing for Source Interlink

Vin Diesel’s 2F2F 4 car 73 Camaro “F Bomb”- Video.

Jan 26 2009

Where has all the style gone?

Spent the weekend at the Grand National Roadster show at Pomona….I’ll share the photos when I get my camera back from a buddy….anyhow, one thing that really struck me is how much more intricate older cars are.  Lots of crafty touches, neat hood emblems and metal working….nowadays manufacturers can’t afford any labor intensive metal pieces leaving pieces like this as a lost art. Sad really.

Flickr Photo Download: Ancient Pontiac.

Sep 14 2008

Smoke, Glorious Smoke, a 55 burnout

pretty sweet red 55 burnout

Granddad shows the kids how it’s done with smoke, glorious smoke.  What a fantastic burnout.

pretty sweet red 55 burnout- Video.

Sep 9 2008

1968 Camaro Photoshoot

Love my Job, Love my job, love my job.  Here’s why, a little phoot slideshow of a hot little number and a 1968 Camaro….did I mention I love my job?

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