Jan 26 2009

360 Forged Ferrari F-430 a.k.a. Rolling Death- Video

These videos from 360 Forged Just keep getting better and better. This one? Crap, put me on the next plane to Miami, I want to hear this car in person.

360 Forged Ferrari F-430 a.k.a. Rolling Death- Video.

Oct 23 2008

Video Ferrari F430 wreck, hurts to watch

Wrecked Ferrari F430…:(- Video.

Oct 6 2008

Video, White Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Wow, didn’t realize it would look that good, come to think of it I think White is one of the few Ferrari colors I really haven’t seen much of.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Pearl White (Bianco Fuji)!- Video.

Sep 30 2008

Gotland Ring Video

Pretty impressive video made all the more compelling by the fact it was shot on a Canon HF10 consumer cam corder.  Goes to show it’s 20% the tool and 80% the artist…but isn’t that allways the case?

Gotland Ring on Vimeo.

Sep 25 2008

Video, Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene with Exotics

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/

One of my favorite movie scenes remade by an amatuer French filmaker.  Very cool.

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/- Video.

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO SoCal 11-99 CHP Run 2008

11-99 CHP Run 2008

An amazing collection of automobiles in a single video.  The 11-99 foundation is a charity to support the families of fallen California Highway Patrol officers.  This anual drive raises awareness for the foundation and and helps raise money for the charity.

11-99 CHP Run 2008- Video.