Mar 5 2009

Turbo Boost Tribute

Most metal tribute ever

YouTube – Turbo Boost Tribute.

Nov 13 2008

Knight Rider, destroying our Hobby

I really have to wonder how a company as big as NBC can’t find just one person who knows the first thing about cars to act as a consultant on this show. I keep trying to watch it, but it comes across to me as a big Ford infomercial wrapped in a completely wrong understanding of automotive culture. Really sad.

Hulu – Knight Rider: Knight of the Living Dead – Watch the full episode now..

Sep 18 2008

VIDEO K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real or Fake?

K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real Video! (Alternate Video)

Wow, wonder if this is real?

K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real Video! (Alternate Video)- Video.