Nov 9 2008

Mercedes-Benz GLK at SEMA

I missed this party, but it looks like it happened at the Wynn hotel. I do remember seeing the orange GLK on the floor though.

SEMA Show Las Vegas 2008: Mercedes-Benz Special (e- Video.

Oct 7 2008

Sadly I am this jerk, Audi slams German Luxury

I get that Audi is trying to make a viral video slamming other stereotypes, but it really comes across as the Audi stereotype is being a gossipy two face… Are they acurate?  Well…..I hate to say I’m totally that jerk off in the BMW yapping on the blue tooth. Nailed me there Audi ;)

Episode 196: Meet the Beckers- Video.

Sep 28 2008

kovalainen onboard singapore f1 2008- Video

kovalainen onboard singapore f1 2008

Night Race a Go-Go!!!!

kovalainen onboard singapore f1 2008- Video.

Sep 23 2008

Video, THIS is what Off-Road looks like!

101 Cars You Must Drive: UNIMOG

Unimog, made by Mercedes.  Quote of the video “Think tree huggers hate this car? you bet, people have used the Unimog to run saw mills!”

101 Cars You Must Drive: UNIMOG- Video.