Jan 5 2009

Panamera making it’s Chinese Debut

For the record I really love Porsche, even the Boxster and Caymen.  You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise given how found I am for Porsche competitors like the Aston Martin Vantage or Nissan GT-R, but I think that just further proves how good they are…. Except their stylist keep trying to make non sports cars look like sports cars.  They somewhat redeemed themselves with the faclifted Cayenne, but this new Panamera really is a buzz kill for me.  I can sum up the car saying it’s a really cool trick spoiler wrapped in a tragically unatractive body.

So that’s my opinion take it or leave it, but sitting in my inbox today was some Panamera news that they’ll debut the car in China.

Full press release after the Jump

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