Dec 6 2008

Insane Audi Race Car Mountain Run

Looks a lot like Angeles Crest Highway actually..

YouTube – Insane Audi Race Car Mountain Run.

Oct 21 2008

Video, Flame Thrower Audi R8

About 2:30 into this video, things get interesting when this Audi R8 starts spitting blue flames all Fast and Furious style.

EVOMS R8 On the Dyno and shooting FLAMES! (2 of 2)- Video.

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO SoCal 11-99 CHP Run 2008

11-99 CHP Run 2008

An amazing collection of automobiles in a single video.  The 11-99 foundation is a charity to support the families of fallen California Highway Patrol officers.  This anual drive raises awareness for the foundation and and helps raise money for the charity.

11-99 CHP Run 2008- Video.