Aug 10 2009

Ronde del Molise 2009, guess who’s go’n?

Yup, I’m practicing my Italiano with some Roseta Stone and getting ready to leave next week.  Check out the website, that’s AutoStream in the list of media Baby, yea!

1° rally colline molisane – Ronde del Molise 2009.

Sep 25 2008

Colin McRae-The Greatest- Video

Colin McRae-The Greatest

Colin McRae-The Greatest- Video.

Sep 21 2008

VIDEO rally car hits deer

rally car hits deer

rally car hits deer- Video.

Sep 11 2008

100 MPH Rallycar Jump

100 MPH Racecar Jump

Is it a car? a Plane? No, it’s a Subaru, but given the big wing on the back of the car you shouldn’t be faiulted in thinking it’s a Cesna coming for a landing.

MySpaceTV Videos: 100 MPH Racecar Jump by Freddy Four Fingerz.

Sep 9 2008

Exotic Rally for Charity

EXOTIC ENTERTAINMENT – Rally For Charity 2008

Pretty cool Rally video from up north.  Lots of great cars, good compilation.

EXOTIC ENTERTAINMENT – Rally For Charity 2008- Video.