Dec 7 2009

Snow on Baldy, sad memories of the Station Fire.

I was very excited today to see Mt Baldy is getting dumped on…

….but there is a sad reminder that most of my favorite mountains continue to carry the scar of the horrible Sation Fire that some say is still burning in the mountains behind Baldy. Here are a few video time lapses of the Fire from last Fall as grim reminders of how horrible arson can be.

found via….
Station Fire: Time Lapse from Mt. Wilson webcam

Feb 19 2009

How to dig a Car out of Snow…- Video

Very funny

How to dig a Car out of Snow…- Video.

Feb 4 2009

Renault Commercial shows the lighter side of keyless entry

Had enough of winter yet???- Video.

Jan 28 2009

Next generation 998 Porsche 911 spied?

I tend to believe World Car Fans, but to be honest it’s so hard to tell a new generation with Porsche.

+5 hp = New Generation
Second cup holder = new model!

YouTube – Next generation Porsche 911 spied.

Jan 19 2009

Nurburgring in Winter

I have to admit this looks like a ton of fun.

Video: Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring in Winter.

Dec 24 2008

Cars vs Snow, Merry Christmas!

Probably my last post until after Christmas. I’m chilling out with the Family in Pensacola, so not much time to blog, but here are a few videos from those not chill’n out in Florida…snowy crashes…

Icy Crash.- Video.