Jan 16 2009

Fast & Furious: Do your Duty, see the movie

Why do I call it your duty? Because if you want Hollywood to make another Bullett, or Gone in 60 Seconds, then all movies in this genre have to perform. Yes, they’re going to screw up some key things,I’m sure Vin Diesel is going to say “Dude, your Muffler Bearings are tight, but my Blinker Fluid just got changed so I’m gonna smoke you!”….. you know what? Roll with it, turn off your brain, eat some popcorn and hope it’s a great movie that tons of people will see, so we get to see more car flicks……And if we’re really really really lucky we might one day get another American Graffiti

BRAND NEW! ‘Fast and Furious’ Theatrical Trailer- Video.