Jan 27 2009

My Ws6 Teaser for Volume III- Video

MyWS6 is one of the top users on StreetFire and I absolutely love his stuff. Why? Because it makes me miss my Trans Am, but also because it’s simply good stuff.

My Ws6 Teaser for Volume III- Video.

Jan 16 2009

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video

I’ve owned and loved three Firebirds, with my last being “Vader” 1998 TA.
TranzAmMan Mark put this compilation together, but really anyone who’s owned a 4th gen F-Car can appreciate it. Thanks for hard work Mark!

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video.

Oct 19 2008

Video, Domestic racing

Another cool video from Mafia Motorsports

MyWs6,C5427,C6Z06,LS1STANG,383CAMARO- Video.

Oct 1 2008

Video, Wheel standing bandit TA runs 9s!

ROCHESTER – EDDIE 9.12 @ 147

I love these old second generation Trans Ams, but this one is a 147mph in the Qtr mile monster.

ROCHESTER – EDDIE 9.12 @ 147- Video.