Feb 9 2009

Porsche releases first footage of the 911 GT3- Video

I’ve had some seat time in a 997 GT3, and can say with little doubt it’s one of the great cars of our time. Now Porsche has decided to give the “997.2” treatment to what may be their masterpiece. I’ll reserve judgment until I find myself behind the wheel, but I will say I’m crushing on the new look. Hope it’s bite matches it’s bark.

Porsche releases first footage of the 911 GT3- Video.

Jan 11 2009

California Dream’n on such a winter’s day Part 2

Much better photo of today’s drive into Malibu, this time from Jason from VODcars. Sunny 70 degrees….gotta love Southern California sometimes.

Nov 26 2008

Did Sam Hubinette throw the GT3 race???

I can’t remember if I posted this or not, but if so sorry for the dupe. A little more behind the scenes from the Head to Head shoot we did last September. I know “Heavy Chevy”and other GT-R haters are always crying “Media Conspiracy!”….hmmm, maybe they’re right? Maybe I’m behind it all….muwahahaha (evil laugh)

Head to Head behind the scenes. Sam Hubinette & GT- Video.

Nov 10 2008

My GT-R against Emil’s GT3 at Willow Springs

Torque TV: Head2Head R35 vs GT3- Video.

Oct 13 2008

Video, BMW M5 Nurburgring Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3

BMW M5 Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3- Video.

Sep 14 2008

The sweet sounds of Kermit, SharkWerks Porsche 997 GT3 RS

SharkWerks Porsche 997 GT3 RS – Sound Clips

So this video is all about the exhaust, but I still can’t get over how great these cars look in green.  I would link to the Sharkworks URL if I had it handy….maybe next time.

SharkWerks Porsche 997 GT3 RS – Sound Clips- Video.

Sep 12 2008

Drifting the Porsche 911 GT3

This is Sam anihlating the last of Emil’s tires at the recent Head to Head video shoot from last week.

Drifting the GT3 on Vimeo.