Dec 18 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-18

  • @illpayne jealous. Have fun! #
  • Preparing for BBQ coma at the Salt Lick. #

Dec 17 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-17

  • Phoenix must be crime free since every cop in the city is working a speed trap. #
  • New Mexico state line. Maybe an end to the endless speed cameras of Arizona? #
  • Just crossed into Texas after marveling at new mexico's night sky #
  • 3 hours from Austin crossing some of the prettier parts of Texas. #

Dec 16 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16

  • Our cross country vacation LA to ATL drive has started with a 3 hour traffic slog to Pomona #
  • Alex Roy would be disappointed. 8 hours from LA to AZ state line…damn LA traffic! #
  • Lost my wife to shopping in Sedona. #

Dec 11 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-11

  • Very impressed to see my sister finally using her Twitter account @manyms #

Dec 8 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-08

  • Rain in the valley is snow in the mountains. I'm hitting the slopes tomorrow to burn off some today's steam. #
  • Ouch. I suck at the snowboarding. Ouch…ugh…ouch #

Dec 7 2009

Snow on Baldy, sad memories of the Station Fire.

I was very excited today to see Mt Baldy is getting dumped on…

….but there is a sad reminder that most of my favorite mountains continue to carry the scar of the horrible Sation Fire that some say is still burning in the mountains behind Baldy. Here are a few video time lapses of the Fire from last Fall as grim reminders of how horrible arson can be.

found via….
Station Fire: Time Lapse from Mt. Wilson webcam

Dec 7 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-07

  • Only in LA, Aston Martin DB7 spotted wearing a Dominos Delivery sign on roof. #

Dec 1 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-01

  • @illpayne thought Heros was off till after the Holidays? #