Apr 1 2009

Most amazing car collection

Truly remarkable collection of cars, I’ve seen nothing like it and I’ve been to Jay’s Garage.


Feb 12 2009

New BMW 5 Series massive shnoz concept

Wow, really BMW? You’re really going to take this massive schnoz thing across all your models? Lovely…..I find myself actually missing flame surfacing in contrast.

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo First Images – Autoblog

Feb 10 2009

BMW Beats by BsaintMedia.com

I’m always impressed by the quality of work people upload to Streetfire, here’s a nice little Tuesday treat by BSaint, love it.

BsaintMedia.com 2008 Demo Reel – Steve Nawrocki- Video.

Jan 27 2009

Nikolett Szántó Queen of Euro Drift

Nikolett Szántó – Promo video- Video.

Jan 19 2009

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video

I’ve seen this car race before and I have to say it sounds far cooler from the inboard camera. Most impressive.

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video.

Dec 19 2008

BMW X6 = Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

I was talking with my buddies Matthew and Josh and all three of us agree the the BMW X6 is supremely sexy, but there is just something about it I just can’t get past. How can you buy an SUV of that size and still not be able to comfortably transport a real dog? (You know like a Golden Retriever) Then I realized I understood the X6 at last. It’s designed to be sexy and oddly wrong, leading me to the above.

Dec 14 2008

BMW M3 E46 Turbo vs Lamborghini Gallardo- Video

What the title says

BMW M3 E46 Turbo vs Lamborghini Gallardo- Video.

Oct 14 2008

Video, Trance and the BMW, oh and my M3 is for sale

Pretty cool video. And just a reminder, my 2003 BMW M3 with only 36K miles is for Sale.

Eurowerkz Performance BMW Magazine Shoot- Video.

Oct 13 2008

Video, BMW M5 Nurburgring Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3

BMW M5 Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3- Video.

Oct 11 2008

Video, 5th Gear uses girls to test the M3 vs IS-F

Funny, and an unique take as always.

364 Fifth Gear – Lexus IS-F BMW M3 Girls Test- Video.