Apr 1 2009

Most amazing car collection

Truly remarkable collection of cars, I’ve seen nothing like it and I’ve been to Jay’s Garage.


Feb 18 2009

Dirty Exotics Run – official release- Video

Nice artsy montage….

Dirty Exotics Run – official release- Video.

Jan 19 2009

2008 Dodge Viper ACR on the Dyno- Video

This is why DragTimes.com is one of the best sites on the Internet. Viper ACR Dyno Pulls. Love it!

2008 Dodge Viper ACR on the Dyno- Video.

Jan 16 2009

Twin supercharged Challenger with super cool hood

The car sounded like it’s still be tuned, but man you know it’s going to be bad-ass when you see twin supercharger pulleys peaking out of the hood like that.

Twin supercharged 440 stroker dodge challenger srt- Video.

Dec 2 2008

GT-R vs. Viper and a Lesson in drag racing

First, congrats to Brooks for running a great time without Launch control. 11.6@118 is impressive. Second, this video illustrates why the GT-R is going to loose a roll-on race against most 11 second cars. The GT-R’s weight slows down the ET (118), so the Viper is catching up toward the end (122). This is not unlike how the GT-R does against the Z06 as well. In the 8th, my money in on the GT-R, at the Qtr it’s a driver’s race, take it further, and the Viper is going to win.

2009 Nissan GT-R: 2009 Nissan GT-R vs 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Video.

Nov 14 2008

StreetFire’s Creative Director starts `em young!

Gasoline in the veins!

My son’s first drive in the Challenger- Video.

Oct 28 2008

New York Motor Club at Pocono Raceway

Pretty cool track day video

NYMC – Pocono Raceway, BMW M5 and F430 Spin out- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Video, Mofo brings the Mustangs

…and Challenger, and ISF and Trans Am….great collection of rides in this piece.

Mofo-Turbo Mustangs,BBC malibu,BBC Mustang,SRT8 Ch- Video.

Oct 17 2008

Dodge Challenger Bikini Car Wash- Video

Old but worth posting still. I have about a gig worth of video cluttering up my hard drive that is all B-Roll from this shoot.

And of course I took plenty of photos on this shoot as well..

Believe it or not Dodge was pretty happy with this shoot since it was part of a larger “Challenger Week” we ran on the site.  My Favorite video from that week was actually the Top Gear Photo shoot we did.  Andrew from CarPix is an amazing photographer and really did a great job explaining how he composes photos for Top Gear.

Challenger Week

Sep 29 2008

Video, could Chrysler buy Tesla?

Sort of a neat video, but what stood out immediately is that they have an electric Lotus Europa. Tesla anyone?  Is this the first shot over the bow of someone buying Tesla?  Surely it would be cheaper for Chrysler to just buy Tesla, than the reinvent the wheel (Electric powered Lotus).

On the surface of it, Tesla is just getting started, but they need a dealer network, and they need a finance agency and staff training to grow beyond just a boutique manufacturer. Sure it’s all the rage here in California, but what happens if your Tesla breaks down in Vegas?

These are all problems that large manufacturers have already solved. But what they haven’t solved is branding.  Chevrolet is a great brand that doesn’t mean “Electric” to me at all. Toyota is considering a “Prius” brand for future alternative fuel cars, and I have to say that could be a smart move.

Tesla would be a great brand name for this sort of strategy, lord knows Chrysler could use an injection of fun while selling off the Viper.

Electric Vehicles from Chrysler coming soon- Video.