Apr 10 2009

The Interior of the 2010 Chevy Camaro.- Video

The Interior of the 2010 Chevy Camaro.- Video.

Apr 10 2009

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video.

Apr 1 2009

Most amazing car collection

Truly remarkable collection of cars, I’ve seen nothing like it and I’ve been to Jay’s Garage.


Mar 17 2009

2010 Chevy Camaro Burn Outs

Yes I know I’ve been quiet for the past week or two, lots of developments that I will happily blog about later. But I saw this video on LeftLaneNews today and it was too good to pass up and brought me out of my mini-retirement. But first I have to plug my favorite Camaro website,
The best and only place one should get their 5th Gen Camaro information from, CamaroZ28.com They actually had the first Camaro review up on the Internet but had to take it down because they unwittingly broke the review embargo which appears to now be lifting. Anyhow, Nick Aziz is another person I hold in high regard and it looks like his site, Left Lane News just got their Camaro which I am happy to see they’re having fun with.

Just for fun: Burning rubber in the 2010 Chevy Camaro video.

Feb 20 2009

73 Camaro “F Bomb” Video

I love this car, one of the all time great 2nd gen F-Cars.I was very lucky to actually meet the owner at a SEMA mixer, he’s now editing for Source Interlink

Vin Diesel’s 2F2F 4 car 73 Camaro “F Bomb”- Video.

Feb 11 2009

Corvette Stingray Concept, cool badge

LeftLaneNews just posted pictures of the new Corvette Stingray concept which will have a staring roll in the upcoming Transformers movie.  I’m really digging the badge design of a stylized stingray.  It really grabs some of the “streamlining” romance of a past era, but with a modern edge….much like the Corvette itself.

Corvette Stingray Concept (aka Sideswipe from Transformers 2) Revealed

Feb 4 2009

D2FORGED.com Z06 APS Twin Turbo / Porsche 997 TT C- Video

Some Entertainment to help get you through Wednesday.

D2FORGED.com Z06 APS Twin Turbo / Porsche 997 TT C- Video.

Jan 19 2009

CaspersZ06 Call for Track Girls 2009- Video

Nice start to a week, CaspersZ06 just uploaded this nice little bit of eye candy.

CaspersZ06 Call for Track Girls 2009- Video.

Jan 16 2009

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video

I’ve owned and loved three Firebirds, with my last being “Vader” 1998 TA.
TranzAmMan Mark put this compilation together, but really anyone who’s owned a 4th gen F-Car can appreciate it. Thanks for hard work Mark!

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video.

Jan 14 2009

Callaway Sledghammer Corvette, pure classic

Sledgehammer Corvette
way back in the dark ages of my youth, this car was a mythical beast. Often talked about, but never seen. The Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette. Today I had lunch with Reeves himself and he gave me these photos to share with you guys…..and they’re glorious. Driven by the late and great John Lingenfelter, this car achieved over 254 mph with a handbuilt motor making over 800hp with a Callaway Aerobody by Paul Deutschman of Deutschman Design.