Apr 16 2009

GTR Battle, The Movie

Welcome to the races! GT-Rs hit Buttonwillow Video Option style.

YouTube – FIRST LOOK: GTR Battle, The Movie.

StreetFire GT-R Battle.

Mar 24 2009

Paul Walker, Tanner Faust and Matt Farah, the Gravity Masters

Bittersweet video for me, I was invited to attend this video shoot but wasn’t able to make it, now after watching this video, I feel completely stupid for not attending…oh well. Great stuff. HD version on Vimeo.

Gravity Masters on Vimeo.

Mar 10 2009



Feb 24 2009

Fireball Tim and the DELOREAN…

I met Fireball for the first time on Friday. A real cool cat that loves cars and loves the industry. Not to mention his position in the industry gives him access to a string of great rides and movie cars. I’m just now checking out his blog, cool stuff I recommend subscribing to it.

THE FIREBALL TIM BLOG » New World of Cars Episode, DELOREAN….

Feb 24 2009

FFR GTM on the Track- Video

This car is so fucking metal.

FFR GTM on the Track- Video.

Feb 17 2009

Tribute to Japanese Performance cars

Japanese Kings- Video.

Feb 10 2009

BMW Beats by BsaintMedia.com

I’m always impressed by the quality of work people upload to Streetfire, here’s a nice little Tuesday treat by BSaint, love it.

BsaintMedia.com 2008 Demo Reel – Steve Nawrocki- Video.

Jan 16 2009

Ebisu: The Soul of Drift

Here is some Drift-Art for you courtesy of Speedhunters.

Ebisu: The Soul of Drift- Video.

Jan 16 2009

Fast & Furious: Do your Duty, see the movie

Why do I call it your duty? Because if you want Hollywood to make another Bullett, or Gone in 60 Seconds, then all movies in this genre have to perform. Yes, they’re going to screw up some key things,I’m sure Vin Diesel is going to say “Dude, your Muffler Bearings are tight, but my Blinker Fluid just got changed so I’m gonna smoke you!”….. you know what? Roll with it, turn off your brain, eat some popcorn and hope it’s a great movie that tons of people will see, so we get to see more car flicks……And if we’re really really really lucky we might one day get another American Graffiti

BRAND NEW! ‘Fast and Furious’ Theatrical Trailer- Video.

Jan 7 2009

Cool Video work by Will Roegge

Lots more on his web site, but this video from the Red Bull Drift championship was especially enjoyable.

Will Roegge.