Sep 30 2008

Gotland Ring Video

Pretty impressive video made all the more compelling by the fact it was shot on a Canon HF10 consumer cam corder.  Goes to show it’s 20% the tool and 80% the artist…but isn’t that allways the case?

Gotland Ring on Vimeo.

Sep 29 2008

If only all car commercials were this cool….

The Impossible Dream- Video.

Sep 29 2008

Video, Corvette C3 drifts it ZZ-Top style.

Totally Custom Corvette C3

I remember the very first Corvette I ever saw.  It was a Forrest Green Corvette C3 parked in front of my elementary school.  My teacher was dating some playboy with the car and asked me to get some papers out of it, and I recall I couldn’t figure out how to open the door with it’s Disco flush door handles.  Well, now I have disco-flush door handles on my GT-R, but I still remember that first vette, I saw fondly.  This Corvette is a bit more extreme than that, but the super wide fenders and 15″ 345 tires are so fucking metal, how can you not love this car?

Totally Custom Corvette C3- Video.

Sep 29 2008

M5 Video, best opening ever

Sort of looses steam once it gets going, but holy hell this video opens in full V10 glory.  That sound alone should sell more BMWs than anything.


Sep 29 2008

Video, could Chrysler buy Tesla?

Sort of a neat video, but what stood out immediately is that they have an electric Lotus Europa. Tesla anyone?  Is this the first shot over the bow of someone buying Tesla?  Surely it would be cheaper for Chrysler to just buy Tesla, than the reinvent the wheel (Electric powered Lotus).

On the surface of it, Tesla is just getting started, but they need a dealer network, and they need a finance agency and staff training to grow beyond just a boutique manufacturer. Sure it’s all the rage here in California, but what happens if your Tesla breaks down in Vegas?

These are all problems that large manufacturers have already solved. But what they haven’t solved is branding.  Chevrolet is a great brand that doesn’t mean “Electric” to me at all. Toyota is considering a “Prius” brand for future alternative fuel cars, and I have to say that could be a smart move.

Tesla would be a great brand name for this sort of strategy, lord knows Chrysler could use an injection of fun while selling off the Viper.

Electric Vehicles from Chrysler coming soon- Video.

Sep 29 2008

BUS vs BIKER vs POLE (crash)- Video

Ouch and ouch….simply awful.

BUS vs BIKER vs POLE (crash)- Video.

Sep 29 2008

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.- Video

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.

I’m so mad, I failed to record this race, so now I’m stuck just watching the highlights…. oh well, would love to know how the first night race went.

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.- Video.

Sep 28 2008

Triple Honk, SRT-8 Jeep vs 05 VF22 WRX- Video

Who do you think will win?

06 SRT-8 Jeep vs 05 VF22 WRX- Video.

Sep 28 2008

WTF ! Flying Loose Wheel !!!?- Video

WTF ! Flying Loose Wheel !!!?

Things one never expects to see while shopping for a new car……uhm…..flying wheel heading straight for you for no particular reason.

WTF ! Flying Loose Wheel !!!?- Video.

Sep 28 2008

Flying car at last, here is the video….sort of

Insane jumps!

Trippy music, makes you think you’re at some wierd Acid Jazz club or something.

Insane jumps!- Video.