Aug 31 2008

Nissan GT-R First Impressions- Video

Nissan GT-R First Impressions

The GT-R has landed!  My Atlanta friends having some fun with the car before shipping it out to LA.

Nissan GT-R First Impressions- Video.

Aug 30 2008

Faster and Faster: A three-wheeled Hayabusa…?

I know Hyabusas have traction problems, but somehow I do not think this is the solution.  Full Story on FasterandFaster.

Faster and Faster: A three-wheeled Hayabusa…?

Aug 30 2008

Air injection kife, Sharks beware

The common misconception from non-divers is that a dive knife is used for “fighting off sharks”.  The reality is more mundane since I think I’ve only ever used a div knife for freeing my regulator of stray fishing line.  But this crazy knife would be the ultimate self deffense item for fending off jaws.

This weapon injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, approximately the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world’s largest land predators.

Wow, I have to admit my inner Georgia Red Neck sort of digs this ;-).

WASP Injection Systems, Inc. – WASP Injection Knife.

Aug 29 2008

Kyle’s TT Gallardo Video 10.4@139mph

Who says Lambos don’t make good track cars?  Here is a twin turbo beastie running a 104@139mph…. stunning.

Kyle’s Underground Racing TT Gallardo Track Video.

Aug 29 2008

Fifth Gear Season 14, Episode 3 – Video

Fifth Gear Season 14, Episode 3

Those crazy brits are at it again showing us how much better their car shows are than ours.  The highlight of course, the Ariel Atom.

Fifth Gear Season 14, Episode 3 – Video.

Aug 29 2008

Viper ACR vs Corvette ZR1 Side by Side at Nurburgring

Started when Garage419 did the GT-R vs ZR1, and now the fight continues between the ACR and ZR1.  Andi Bartichi put this video together to show the two side by side.  Looks to me like the Viper is a little more composed, but then it should be with all that downforce and rubber.

andi baritchi – the blog: Viper ACR vs Corvette ZR1 Side by Side at Nurburgring Video.

Aug 29 2008

BMW M3 U turn- Video

BMW M3 U turn

Short honest flick of some intersection shinanigans.

BMW M3 U turn- Video.

Aug 29 2008

A1GP Ferrari- Video

A1GP Ferrari

Ferrari is stepping up to support the new A1GP Racing series with engines and chassis development.  This is a nice introductory video to the testing that is being done at Imola in preperation for the next season.

A1GP Ferrari- Video.

Aug 29 2008

Victory by Design: Porsche’s First 911- Video

Victory by Design: Porsche’s First 911

I actually had drinks in Vegas with the host of this show earlier this year.  Very cool guy, but the show itself it superb.  On Victory by Design, they review the development and design decisions for a model or platform.  This is a nice teaser of their episode on the very first Porsche 911.

Victory by Design: Porsche’s First 911- Video.

Aug 28 2008

Top Gear Gumpert Apollo

Top Gear Gumpert Apollo

This car is insanity defined. A complete beast designed to destroy the track.  I daresay this could be the modern expression on a McLaren F1!

Top Gear Gumpert Apollo- Video.