Dec 7 2009

Snow on Baldy, sad memories of the Station Fire.

I was very excited today to see Mt Baldy is getting dumped on…

….but there is a sad reminder that most of my favorite mountains continue to carry the scar of the horrible Sation Fire that some say is still burning in the mountains behind Baldy. Here are a few video time lapses of the Fire from last Fall as grim reminders of how horrible arson can be.

found via….
Station Fire: Time Lapse from Mt. Wilson webcam

Jan 26 2009

Where has all the style gone?

Spent the weekend at the Grand National Roadster show at Pomona….I’ll share the photos when I get my camera back from a buddy….anyhow, one thing that really struck me is how much more intricate older cars are.  Lots of crafty touches, neat hood emblems and metal working….nowadays manufacturers can’t afford any labor intensive metal pieces leaving pieces like this as a lost art. Sad really.

Flickr Photo Download: Ancient Pontiac.

Jan 13 2009

Vanity Tag Fail

Someone needs to make a blog o vanity tags gone wrong….until then there is

Diva Gina Fail « FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

Jan 13 2009

FailBlog Delivery Service

….here is a nice heaping shipment of FAIL freshly delivery courtesy of, one of my favorite time wasting sites on the Internet. Follow the Jump to see a whole shipload of fail…

Pizza Delivery Fail

A whole lot more Fail after the Jump!

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Jan 12 2009

Fisker Karma Sunset Convertible

More Pics at Jalopnik

Jan 11 2009

California Dream’n on such a winter’s day Part 2

Much better photo of today’s drive into Malibu, this time from Jason from VODcars. Sunny 70 degrees….gotta love Southern California sometimes.

Dec 30 2008

Concept Fisker Karma – a set on Flickr

Very cool set of photos that remind us car guys that green doesn’t mean ugly…..actually it looks like it can mean super sexy.

Concept Fisker Karma – a set on Flickr.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Behind the scenes with StreetFire

Work hard, play harder, here is the StreetFire crew behind the scenes. This is what it takes to produce oceans of videos and photos of the big event.

Adam Cleaning Alex’s car.

Nov 3 2008

The GT-R’s of SEMA 2008

Well here it is, the GT-R’s of SEMA 2008, I’m sure I missed a ton of them, but everywhere I looked I saw more GT-Rs each with fantastic mods, rims, body kits and who knows what else. Soo happy to see the GT-R killing it at SEMA 2008

Full Album with thumbnails.

Oct 23 2008

Photo, Bugatti Veyron Posse

Top Gear Tests all three version….most expensive car test ever?

Top Gear (via Auto Fiends)