Mar 24 2009

Paul Walker, Tanner Faust and Matt Farah, the Gravity Masters

Bittersweet video for me, I was invited to attend this video shoot but wasn’t able to make it, now after watching this video, I feel completely stupid for not attending…oh well. Great stuff. HD version on Vimeo.

Gravity Masters on Vimeo.

Nov 26 2008

Did Sam Hubinette throw the GT3 race???

I can’t remember if I posted this or not, but if so sorry for the dupe. A little more behind the scenes from the Head to Head shoot we did last September. I know “Heavy Chevy”and other GT-R haters are always crying “Media Conspiracy!”….hmmm, maybe they’re right? Maybe I’m behind it all….muwahahaha (evil laugh)

Head to Head behind the scenes. Sam Hubinette & GT- Video.

Nov 10 2008

My GT-R against Emil’s GT3 at Willow Springs

Torque TV: Head2Head R35 vs GT3- Video.

Oct 17 2008

Head2Head: Cobb GT-R vs. Techart 997 GT Street

Being Discussed on NAGTROC Click the link to join the debate…

Head2Head: Cobb GT-R vs. Techart 997 GT Street – NAGTROC – The Nissan GT-R Owners Club.

Oct 11 2008

Upcomming, COBB tuning GT-R vs. 997 GT-Street Porsche

Just a little teaser video of the next episode of Head to Head.  To be honest I thought they would hold this for the finale, since these were the big guns, but I have to say I can’t wait to watch the full episode (even though I know how it went down).

Guess My car will be in a few more weeks….sigh… patience…

New H2H Match-up!- Video.

Oct 5 2008

Video, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challenger

So I was lucky enough to attend this taping.  Big thanks to James for inviting me along, the StreetFire film crew had a blast, and shot some behind the scenes.

Of course those of you that have been following this blog know that my GT-R participated in one fo the shoot outs.  I’m looking forward to that one being shown soon so I can really talk about the times.

H2H Ep 14, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challeng- Video.

Oct 2 2008

Video, My GT-R and Me at Willow

I had a ton of fun at this event (big thank you to Torque for organizing this), and it looks like Jonathan finally took the wraps off the teaser video as a prelude of what is to come.  Of course they cut out the lovely Miss Torque, my personal favorite, to see more of her, check out the Gallery below.

Head2Head Season Premier- Behind the scenes- Video.

Sep 26 2008

Video, Mines R35 GT-R vs Spoons NSX-R GT

Mines R35 GT-R vs Spoons NSX-R GT

GT Channel Tests the Nissan GT-R and NSX….only they’ve been slightly worked over by Mine’s and Spoon.  Cool stuff.

Mines R35 GT-R vs Spoons NSX-R GT- Video.

Sep 12 2008

Drifting the Porsche 911 GT3

This is Sam anihlating the last of Emil’s tires at the recent Head to Head video shoot from last week.

Drifting the GT3 on Vimeo.

Sep 9 2008

Head to Head, Behinds the Scenes 2 photo shoot.

More behind the scenes photos from last week’s Head to Head video shoot.  I can’t tell you how badly I’m looking forward to this new saeson….since the Silver GT-R is mine 🙂

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