Mar 11 2010

This is what I doodle while I wait for my slow server….

Monster Chopper

My kind of chopper.

Working on some forklift upgrades to, and I had to spend the last few hours waiting for some serious back-ups, file transfers, and other such tedious tasks.  So much like I did in high school when I’m being forced to do something I don’t like, I doodle.

Anyhow, I realized that you could have a much lower center of gravity on a Bimota if you sat behind the motor instead of on top of it, and it would give the bike the lines of a chopper without messing up the geometry. You could get the Chopper look with Superbike handling and power.  That’s my kind of chopper.

Special thanks go to the now deceased Streetfire Photochop forum for teaching me how to do this sort of stuff.

Feb 13 2009

Red 4K Camera captures Super Moto

EDIT: Vimeo embeds appear to be hosed right now, check out this link to see Super Moto in HD.

So this video was shot on the daddy of prosumer cameras, the Red 4K….the only camera that looks like a piece of military hardware. Cool stuff, check out the HD as well….almost makes you want to run out and spend $10K on a camera….man it looks bad-ass with the shoulder mount…

Red 4K on Vimeo.

Red Camera Info and WebSite

Jan 14 2009

minimalist Motorcycle powered StreetRacer

All the cool details on TopSpeed, but dayum this looks hot.  I mean, I like the Ariel Atom and all, but there is something sexy about a high reving motorcycle engine in a minimalist racer that I just love….(probably why I love the Radical so much).

For full details follow the link.

Reynard Inverter – racecar for the streets – Top Speed

Dec 17 2008

R35 GT-R vs Ducati 1098, “Goodbye Mr. Motorbike”

So I own both, a GT-R and a sportbike, so I can vouch for what they are identifying as the differences. Autocar does a phenomenal job of explaining how the two vehicles attack the track differently, though I have to admit the outcome was a bit of a surprise for me.

R35 GT-R vs Ducati 1098- Video.

Dec 8 2008

Old but still funny. Guy on motorcycle text messaging

Guy on motorcycle talking on the phone and sending- Video.

Dec 6 2008

Squid deserves more, gets less

First, The show off at the end is classic. Second, this guy should be glad I’m not the judge, I’d find him in contempt and take his license away just based on his attitude.

Hoon Of The Day: Biker Busted For Speeding Tries To Fight The Law And Guess Who Won.

Dec 5 2008

Smack My B!#CH UP, Honda CBR Video

Forget Subtlety, this European ad cuts right to the chase and shows us that American advertising is for pussies.

Smack My B!#CH UP…- Video.

Dec 5 2008

Akira reimagined

Love the blog, Hell for Leather, lots of great finds, this one especially. what would a primed for the CW 90210 version of Akira look like on American TV? Probably this….

Akira reimagined for American audience – Hell For Leather

Nov 22 2008

Wow, Smart Stoppie!

Hyabusa provides the balls, SMART provides the cute, massive brakes provide the fun!
Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show

VIDEO: Hayabusa-powered smart , or… a rolling death-wish on skinny tires – Autoblog.

Nov 9 2008

You suck at the sooter