Jan 19 2009

Nurburgring in Winter

I have to admit this looks like a ton of fun.

Video: Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring in Winter.

Jan 19 2009

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video

I’ve seen this car race before and I have to say it sounds far cooler from the inboard camera. Most impressive.

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video.

Jan 11 2009

Did the GT-R SpecV do a 7:20 Nurburgring time?

My Japanese is not what it used to be, but the folks on NAGTROC are speculating what this slide might mean.I talked with the US Product manager for GT-R last month during the LA Autoshow and he said that the tires alone are going to shave significant time as Dunlop has a new compound available that is good for as much as “4 seconds on a course the size of the Nurburgring”. We’ll have to see what they come back with in April, let the video be the proof.

CAR-ニュース–日産、「GT-R Spec V」発表会を開催
NAGTROC Discussion

Oct 21 2008

National Geographic GT-R Video

Carlos Ghosen almost throws up in an early prototype, Nissan Execs browsing Autoblog in a Staff Meeting, and peak at the rumored 50KG of testing equipment mounted in the trunk of the Nurburgrin GT-R. All good stuff.

2009 Nissan GT-R: National Geographic GT-R Video.

Oct 13 2008

Video, BMW M5 Nurburgring Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3

BMW M5 Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3- Video.

Sep 24 2008

Video V10 Honda NSX on the Nurburgring

New Honda NSX

Honda has 7:29 to beat for the GT-R and an astounding 7:22 to beat the Viper.  Rumor has it, they’re atempting 7:2x with a naturally aspirated V10 and possibly AWD.

New Honda NSX- Video.

Sep 10 2008

Lamborghini Gallardo almost bites it at the Nurburgring

Lamborghini Gallardo at Nurburgring, big moment

20 Seconds in, the world stand still for this driver as he almost bites it, I can’t imagine how terrifying this would be, but just goes to show why this track is so challenging.

Lamborghini Gallardo at Nurburgring, big moment- Video.

Aug 29 2008

Viper ACR vs Corvette ZR1 Side by Side at Nurburgring

Started when Garage419 did the GT-R vs ZR1, and now the fight continues between the ACR and ZR1.  Andi Bartichi put this video together to show the two side by side.  Looks to me like the Viper is a little more composed, but then it should be with all that downforce and rubber.

andi baritchi – the blog: Viper ACR vs Corvette ZR1 Side by Side at Nurburgring Video.