Apr 10 2009

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video.

Feb 6 2009

Shelby gets real, and throws down gauntlet.

Carroll Shelby, Is a legend for the cars he’s built the races he’s won, and his take no crap attitude that he instills into his product. Last night Carroll threw down the gauntlet and told the other Mustang tuners to get out of the way, this is how you build a drag car. John Naderi and Will Roegge from StreetFire were there to catch the action, sadly no coverage yet of the banquet that followed were John Force called Carroll out for feeding beer to his beef herd, but hey, that’s another story. Enjoy the video, can’t wait to see this beast destroy the track.

800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M- Video.

Feb 5 2009

the Moddin’ Art channel on StreetFire

Grinner rocks, which is why we gave him a channel on StreetFire, we just got this “Station Identification” video from him that quite frankly makes me want to rewatch all his old stuff. Cool, stuff, check out his channel.

the Moddin’ Art channel- Video.

Jan 30 2009

Buschur Racing 2008 Video Compilation- Video

Buschur Racing 2008 Video Compilation- Video.

Jan 28 2009

Mid 11 sec Jeep SRT8…BLOWN!!!

If there is only one reason that Chrysler deserves to live its for creating this beastie.

Mid 11 sec Jeep SRT8…BLOWN!!!- Video.

Jan 16 2009

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video

I’ve owned and loved three Firebirds, with my last being “Vader” 1998 TA.
TranzAmMan Mark put this compilation together, but really anyone who’s owned a 4th gen F-Car can appreciate it. Thanks for hard work Mark!

A Tribute to 4th Gen F-Body- Video.

Jan 16 2009

Fast & Furious: Do your Duty, see the movie

Why do I call it your duty? Because if you want Hollywood to make another Bullett, or Gone in 60 Seconds, then all movies in this genre have to perform. Yes, they’re going to screw up some key things,I’m sure Vin Diesel is going to say “Dude, your Muffler Bearings are tight, but my Blinker Fluid just got changed so I’m gonna smoke you!”….. you know what? Roll with it, turn off your brain, eat some popcorn and hope it’s a great movie that tons of people will see, so we get to see more car flicks……And if we’re really really really lucky we might one day get another American Graffiti

BRAND NEW! ‘Fast and Furious’ Theatrical Trailer- Video.

Jan 13 2009

36,000hp Jet truck runs 7s with bikini help

I love the gratuitous bikini shot in the opening, it is so unnecessary to add to the drama of the moment that I found myself singing “America, Fuck yea!”

Fastest Truck On Earth!- Video.

Dec 25 2008

Insane Horsepower…- Video

A user on StreetFire asked me to feature his video of some rather crazy drag racing, here it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Insane Horsepower…- Video.

Dec 23 2008

All good things must come to an end, like the Samurai Speed GT-R

Hundred launch control launches on a 600hp mid 10 second AWD monster. The only surprise to me is how strong the tranny must be to put up with that much abuse for so long!

ร‚ยป Record setting Nissan GT-R destroys transmission on video – DragTimes.com Drag Racing, Fast Cars, Muscle Cars Blog.