Aug 10 2009

Ronde del Molise 2009, guess who’s go’n?

Yup, I’m practicing my Italiano with some Roseta Stone and getting ready to leave next week.  Check out the website, that’s AutoStream in the list of media Baby, yea!

1° rally colline molisane – Ronde del Molise 2009.

Feb 24 2009

New Focus RS 2009 on 5th Gear

YouTube – New Focus RS 2009 on 5th Gear!!.

Feb 17 2009

Tribute to Japanese Performance cars

Japanese Kings- Video.

Feb 11 2009

Corvette Stingray Concept, cool badge

LeftLaneNews just posted pictures of the new Corvette Stingray concept which will have a staring roll in the upcoming Transformers movie.  I’m really digging the badge design of a stylized stingray.  It really grabs some of the “streamlining” romance of a past era, but with a modern edge….much like the Corvette itself.

Corvette Stingray Concept (aka Sideswipe from Transformers 2) Revealed

Feb 9 2009

Porsche releases first footage of the 911 GT3- Video

I’ve had some seat time in a 997 GT3, and can say with little doubt it’s one of the great cars of our time. Now Porsche has decided to give the “997.2” treatment to what may be their masterpiece. I’ll reserve judgment until I find myself behind the wheel, but I will say I’m crushing on the new look. Hope it’s bite matches it’s bark.

Porsche releases first footage of the 911 GT3- Video.

Jan 28 2009

Next generation 998 Porsche 911 spied?

I tend to believe World Car Fans, but to be honest it’s so hard to tell a new generation with Porsche.

+5 hp = New Generation
Second cup holder = new model!

YouTube – Next generation Porsche 911 spied.

Jan 28 2009

YouTube – Fifth Gear – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Snow

YouTube – Fifth Gear – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Snow.

Jan 8 2009

GT-R Spec-V Video

Wishing my Japanese was better, I am in love with the carbon brakes and seats, not so sure about the wheels though.

Nissan Spec-v Release video

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: Spec-v Official Shots from Nissan.

Jan 5 2009

Panamera making it’s Chinese Debut

For the record I really love Porsche, even the Boxster and Caymen.  You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise given how found I am for Porsche competitors like the Aston Martin Vantage or Nissan GT-R, but I think that just further proves how good they are…. Except their stylist keep trying to make non sports cars look like sports cars.  They somewhat redeemed themselves with the faclifted Cayenne, but this new Panamera really is a buzz kill for me.  I can sum up the car saying it’s a really cool trick spoiler wrapped in a tragically unatractive body.

So that’s my opinion take it or leave it, but sitting in my inbox today was some Panamera news that they’ll debut the car in China.

Full press release after the Jump

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Nov 2 2008

Just Made it to SEMA 2008

After a paint shaker flight out of LAX, I just piled into my hotel room at Harrah’s.  I’ll be bumbling around the convention floor tomorrow during Set-Up day, first stop?  Straight to the Continental tire booth to check out my GT-R. GGI outfitted Yoshi with some new shoes for the show, so I can’t wait to see it.

Now on the down side, I know that my blog has gotten a lot more popular in the last month or so, and I think I may be up to 3 people that check it daily….. I truely have to wonder about your browsing habbits if my ramblings are a daily digest for you.  I hate to say I may dissapoint a bit this week as I’m going to be working my ass off and will be very lucky if this isn’t the last post you see from me until I drag back into LAX on Sunday.  So please consider any postings you see between now and Sunday “extras”…..who knows, maybe this year will be different and I’ll actually have time to do more than run around like a mad man.

PS  I will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Panel Thursday at 2:00 PM at room N255-257

PPS On Wednesday at 1:30 I’ll be on Car and Driver radio, so set your dials to however you recieve that. Here is a link to their info page.