Feb 5 2009

New styling trends launched on the Pagani Zonda R

I spend a less than healthy amount of time on AutoBlog, Jalopnik, LeftLaneNews and any other website that flows a daily dose of Automotive news. It simply amazes me how fast these guys find stories and give great reporting on breaking models. That said I think some neat features are sometimes missed in an effort to be first to break the big car.

The new Pagani Zonda R captured my imagination not for its serious bad-assness (and yes, this is the Italian kick boxer of bad-assness), but the continuous innovation Pagani pushes in their designs. I mean seriously, who ever thought a race car would be a great place to debut some new styling features? Two of which caught my eye. …..And trust me I’m sure you’ll have these for your car by SEMA 2009.

First the tow hook

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Jan 11 2009

Rhys Millen Flips a truck for New Years 2009

I’ve met Rhys a few times and I have to say he’s an amazing man. He nearly lost his life jumping trucks but he came back to do the stunt again for 2009. His tenacity is inspirational.

Red Bull New Year No Limits – Truck Backflip- Video.

Jan 5 2009

Father Saves Kid From Ferrari Crash

Well, more like he scooped up his kid after the car stopped moving, but still a scary moment for any parent.

Father Saves Kid From Ferrari Crash – Video.

Nov 22 2008

Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show- Video

Only in LA would a fund raiser be centered around Hyper-cars.

Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show- Video.

Nov 20 2008

Yoshi in a “Ladies of SEMA Video”

about 50 seconds in my car “Yoshi” shows up in the Conti booth wearing GGI shoes.

The Ladies of SEMA 2008- Video.

Nov 13 2008

Knight Rider, destroying our Hobby

I really have to wonder how a company as big as NBC can’t find just one person who knows the first thing about cars to act as a consultant on this show. I keep trying to watch it, but it comes across to me as a big Ford infomercial wrapped in a completely wrong understanding of automotive culture. Really sad.

Hulu – Knight Rider: Knight of the Living Dead – Watch the full episode now..

Nov 9 2008

Mercedes-Benz GLK at SEMA

I missed this party, but it looks like it happened at the Wynn hotel. I do remember seeing the orange GLK on the floor though.

SEMA Show Las Vegas 2008: Mercedes-Benz Special (e- Video.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Behind the scenes with StreetFire

Work hard, play harder, here is the StreetFire crew behind the scenes. This is what it takes to produce oceans of videos and photos of the big event.

Adam Cleaning Alex’s car.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Misc stuff from the show

_MG_5361.jpg- Album.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Classic an custom

_MG_5291.jpg- Album.