Apr 6 2009

Lamborghini Super Trofeo GTR

Lamborghini Super Trofeo GTR- Video.

Mar 1 2009

More International Car Videos


Mar 1 2009

Spoon CTR vs. Seeker s2000 vs. J s Racing s2000- Video

Love Japanese TV

Spoon CTR vs. Seeker s2000 vs. J s Racing s2000- Video.

Feb 4 2009

Renault Commercial shows the lighter side of keyless entry

Had enough of winter yet???- Video.

Jan 28 2009

Next generation 998 Porsche 911 spied?

I tend to believe World Car Fans, but to be honest it’s so hard to tell a new generation with Porsche.

+5 hp = New Generation
Second cup holder = new model!

YouTube – Next generation Porsche 911 spied.

Jan 27 2009

1000 hp sorta-Tacoma at Goodwood

At What point is it really even still a truck? Here is a 1,000 HP “Tacoma” ripping up the Goodwood Festival of Speed….oh and getting held up by a real truck at the end 😉

1000 hp!! Tacoma at Goodwood of speed/HD- Video.

Jan 27 2009

Nikolett Szántó Queen of Euro Drift

Nikolett Szántó – Promo video- Video.

Jan 15 2009

ROTFLMAO, Funniest GT-R Transmission Video EVAH!

2009 Nissan GT-R: Another GT-R Transmission Breaks ?.

Jan 8 2009

GT-R Spec-V Video

Wishing my Japanese was better, I am in love with the carbon brakes and seats, not so sure about the wheels though.

Nissan Spec-v Release video

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: Spec-v Official Shots from Nissan.

Nov 29 2008

GT3-Spec Audi R8 LMS

Very very sexy

YouTube – GT3-Spec Audi R8 LMS.