The downside of starting a car company

Today is the LA auto show, and I had a blockbuster day lined up.  Through StreetFire I’ve met all sorts of great people from the designer of the new Camaro to the Product Manager on GT-R.  Today I had meetings lined up back to back and was going to be at all the great reveals.

Guess what?  Had to take a miss.  Started last night at 5:00 PM and 27 hours later I’m still at my desk, I literally just got back from having breakfast at 6:30PM.  Luckily I have great people working for me so we still got our coverage.  Alexis just rang me up and said he has a brilliant interview with the Product manager of the 370Z hot on the heals of the Mustang reveal I was supposed to be at last night, but I have to say i’ts just torture having to take a personal miss on this show.  Karan did a fantastic job lining up our partner coverage as well.  The Mustang footage from yesterday looks great too….

…it just sucks that yet again I’m stuck back at the desk getting deals done….*sigh*…..

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