Nov 19 2008

The downside of starting a car company

Today is the LA auto show, and I had a blockbuster day lined up.  Through StreetFire I’ve met all sorts of great people from the designer of the new Camaro to the Product Manager on GT-R.  Today I had meetings lined up back to back and was going to be at all the great reveals.

Guess what?  Had to take a miss.  Started last night at 5:00 PM and 27 hours later I’m still at my desk, I literally just got back from having breakfast at 6:30PM.  Luckily I have great people working for me so we still got our coverage.  Alexis just rang me up and said he has a brilliant interview with the Product manager of the 370Z hot on the heals of the Mustang reveal I was supposed to be at last night, but I have to say i’ts just torture having to take a personal miss on this show.  Karan did a fantastic job lining up our partner coverage as well.  The Mustang footage from yesterday looks great too….

…it just sucks that yet again I’m stuck back at the desk getting deals done….*sigh*…..

Nov 18 2008

Best of Streetfire – Week of Nov 14, 2008- Video

Best of Streetfire – Week of Nov 14, 2008- Video.

Nov 14 2008

StreetFire’s Creative Director starts `em young!

Gasoline in the veins!

My son’s first drive in the Challenger- Video.

Nov 12 2008

RiceBoyTV, and CarJunkieTV Fall on Hard Times

RiceboyTVThis is a tough one for me.  On one hand it always worries me seeing new VC funded car web sites come into my sector, but on the other hand, each is a validation of the space StreetFire is in.  RiceboyTV was really exciting because we figured out a way for both StreetFire and RiceboyTV to be successful working together.  Well, word just came down that their investors have gotten spooked by the market and are not fulfilling their financial obligations.  A real shame, and I have to wonder if other recent Vertical start ups are going to fall victom as well.  Anyhow I’m pullin gfor these guys and gals, I think they’re on to a great concept and hope they pull it out at the last second.

CarJunkieTV, RiceBoyTV

Nov 11 2008

GT-R on Display at StreetFire Studio needed a place to store some SEMA cars for the week, so here is the view in the StreetFire office right now!

IMG_6277.jpg- Album.

Nov 10 2008

My GT-R against Emil’s GT3 at Willow Springs

Torque TV: Head2Head R35 vs GT3- Video.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Behind the scenes with StreetFire

Work hard, play harder, here is the StreetFire crew behind the scenes. This is what it takes to produce oceans of videos and photos of the big event.

Adam Cleaning Alex’s car.

Nov 2 2008

Just Made it to SEMA 2008

After a paint shaker flight out of LAX, I just piled into my hotel room at Harrah’s.  I’ll be bumbling around the convention floor tomorrow during Set-Up day, first stop?  Straight to the Continental tire booth to check out my GT-R. GGI outfitted Yoshi with some new shoes for the show, so I can’t wait to see it.

Now on the down side, I know that my blog has gotten a lot more popular in the last month or so, and I think I may be up to 3 people that check it daily….. I truely have to wonder about your browsing habbits if my ramblings are a daily digest for you.  I hate to say I may dissapoint a bit this week as I’m going to be working my ass off and will be very lucky if this isn’t the last post you see from me until I drag back into LAX on Sunday.  So please consider any postings you see between now and Sunday “extras”…..who knows, maybe this year will be different and I’ll actually have time to do more than run around like a mad man.

PS  I will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Panel Thursday at 2:00 PM at room N255-257

PPS On Wednesday at 1:30 I’ll be on Car and Driver radio, so set your dials to however you recieve that. Here is a link to their info page.

Oct 29 2008

Please help my buddy Jared

Jared Guynes, good friend of StreetFire working at LG Motorsport and needs to win this vote.  Please help me out by passing this link around and voting for him.

Vote for Jared! then tell your friends!

Oct 29 2008

Good Laugh at Ashley’s expense

Hope she’s okay, but Oh my lord this is a good laugh.  Someone we (StreetFire) work with from time to time got arrested for DUI…. I’ll just quote the TMZ article below.  I’m going to give Ashley such hell for this next time I see her


Some chick named Ashley Van Dyke was busted on suspicion of DUI in Hollywood. Her fame status is considered “barely” at best — but she tried to use it to get out of trouble anyway.

Cops nailed the former one-time SPEED TV host in West Hollywood late Monday night when she refused to cooperate with a deputy who was directing traffic. But after she was pulled over, sources say she felt the need to tell cops, “…but I’m a race car driver!”

Didn’t matter — ’cause we’re told she failed the field sobriety test miserably and blew well over the legal BAC limit.

DUI Bust — “But I’m a Race Car Driver…” –