Dec 8 2008

MKIV Supra BOV blows off hat- Video


MKIV Supra BOV blows off hat- Video.

Nov 14 2008

1622rwhp WORLD RECORD Supra@Dyno- Video

A lot of build up for a quick pull at 1 minute 30, but wow, can’t wait to see a video of this beastie in action.

1622rwhp WORLD RECORD Supra@Dyno- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile, SW’s Boostlogic supra 242mph

Even Faster,Interior Shot of SW’s Supra hitting 242mph!!!

SW’s Boostlogic supra 242mph @ Texas Mile- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile Video, 198MPH in a 100K mile Supra

Another Texas Mile Video, this time hitting 198 in a 100K mile Supra.

EVS Motors Presents Prince Ashik @ 198MPH 1,000HP- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile, Video of SW’s Supra hitting the record, 241mph!!

Holy Crap, 241 in the standing mile, stunning! To put that into perspective, stock GT-R Nissan’s that top out at 193 achieve about 165mph in the standing mile. Big congrats to Boost Logic!

Boost Logic & SW Is The Fastest Street Car in the – Video.

Oct 22 2008

Video, thousand Horsepower Heretic Camaro

2JZ powered Classic Camaro roll’n the dyno to the tune of a thousand horsepower.

EVS Motors 2JZ Camaro SS 2JZ makes 1029BHP- Video.

Sep 22 2008

Video, Supra Flame thrower back fire


Boom goes the Dynamite!


Sep 14 2008

V8 Supra? Corvette Power!

Pretty impressive swap, here is a video of a LS1 swapped into a Toyota Supra.

Video – 1988 V8 Supra

Sep 12 2008

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere

Very well done Drag Racing compilation video.

Import Tuner Mayhem @ Bandimere- Video.