Apr 10 2009

The Interior of the 2010 Chevy Camaro.- Video

The Interior of the 2010 Chevy Camaro.- Video.

Apr 10 2009

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video

Hennessey ZR1: 10.64 @ 132 mph- Video.

Apr 10 2009

Episode 1: Mustang Drift: Japan- Video

Episode 1: Mustang Drift: Japan- Video.

Apr 7 2009

F1 rewind to 1989

Ayrton Senna Suzuka 1989

Martin Brundle at Monaco

YouTube – F1 1989 アイルトンセナ SUZUKA 予選タイムアタック.

Apr 6 2009

Lamborghini Super Trofeo GTR

Lamborghini Super Trofeo GTR- Video.

Apr 1 2009

Most amazing car collection

Truly remarkable collection of cars, I’ve seen nothing like it and I’ve been to Jay’s Garage.


Mar 24 2009

Paul Walker, Tanner Faust and Matt Farah, the Gravity Masters

Bittersweet video for me, I was invited to attend this video shoot but wasn’t able to make it, now after watching this video, I feel completely stupid for not attending…oh well. Great stuff. HD version on Vimeo.

Gravity Masters on Vimeo.

Mar 5 2009

Le Mans, NASCAR, F1 Pit Stops compared

A little while ago I attended the Autoclub 500 NASCAR race with the family. Amazingly fun race, especially when going with people that have never attended something like this before. I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve attended a NASCAR event and since my most recent race had actually been the Monaco Grand Prix, I couldn’t help but contemplate the differences between the various types of racing. Rather than hit on all my observations, I’ll just devote this post to one that stood out to me. So this one I’ll devote to Pit Stops.


Cup racers pride themselves on the the fact their rims have 5 lug nuts slowing down the process. Indeed by having fewer people, less advanced wheel nuts and less advanced fueling, the NASCAR pit stop is slower than F1 but not by much. It’s actually remarkable how much can be done in less than 20 seconds.

Formula 1 Pit Stop

6.2 Seconds! The F1 pit stop is practically an Olympic sport it happens so quickly. As can be seen from this video though, F1 is such a refined sport now that hundredths of second can win or loose the race.

Le Mans Pit Stop

I thought I would throw this in just to illustrate that every version of racing is somewhat different. The 24 hours of Le Mans has a much slower pace, again somewhat dictated by rules, but also due to the fact that the car is being thoroughly inspected to insure that tenths of seconds saved in the pits do not translate into minutes of downtime on the track over a very long endurance race.

Normal Car

Hmm, so what would happen if a normal car got a race car like Pit stop?

And what would happen if an F1 crew did a pit stop at a NASCAR event? Pixar has already laid out to us what that looks like


Feb 24 2009

New Focus RS 2009 on 5th Gear

YouTube – New Focus RS 2009 on 5th Gear!!.

Feb 24 2009

FFR GTM on the Track- Video

This car is so fucking metal.

FFR GTM on the Track- Video.