Mar 11 2010

This is what I doodle while I wait for my slow server….

Monster Chopper

My kind of chopper.

Working on some forklift upgrades to, and I had to spend the last few hours waiting for some serious back-ups, file transfers, and other such tedious tasks.  So much like I did in high school when I’m being forced to do something I don’t like, I doodle.

Anyhow, I realized that you could have a much lower center of gravity on a Bimota if you sat behind the motor instead of on top of it, and it would give the bike the lines of a chopper without messing up the geometry. You could get the Chopper look with Superbike handling and power.  That’s my kind of chopper.

Special thanks go to the now deceased Streetfire Photochop forum for teaching me how to do this sort of stuff.