Mar 24 2009

Paul Walker, Tanner Faust and Matt Farah, the Gravity Masters

Bittersweet video for me, I was invited to attend this video shoot but wasn’t able to make it, now after watching this video, I feel completely stupid for not attending…oh well. Great stuff. HD version on Vimeo.

Gravity Masters on Vimeo.

Feb 4 2009 Z06 APS Twin Turbo / Porsche 997 TT C- Video

Some Entertainment to help get you through Wednesday. Z06 APS Twin Turbo / Porsche 997 TT C- Video.

Jan 11 2009

LED Tail Lights on 911 Turbo

997 Turbo LED tail
Can’t wait for ext year to get a facelifted turbo?  Looks like you can make the swap today on a current 997 Turbo. “Gormanlad” from 6SpeedOnline has done the swap, more pics after the jump.

LED Tail Lights on Turbo – Forums.

Oct 17 2008

Head2Head: Cobb GT-R vs. Techart 997 GT Street

Being Discussed on NAGTROC Click the link to join the debate…

Head2Head: Cobb GT-R vs. Techart 997 GT Street – NAGTROC – The Nissan GT-R Owners Club.

Oct 11 2008

Upcomming, COBB tuning GT-R vs. 997 GT-Street Porsche

Just a little teaser video of the next episode of Head to Head.  To be honest I thought they would hold this for the finale, since these were the big guns, but I have to say I can’t wait to watch the full episode (even though I know how it went down).

Guess My car will be in a few more weeks….sigh… patience…

New H2H Match-up!- Video.

Sep 15 2008

Video, how not to shoot a 997TT drag race

Switzer Sledgehammer 997TT

Argh….how annoying.  This car just rockets off the line in a way a normal Porsche doesn’t.  I’m expecting to see 9s on the board, but he Camera operator doesn’t zoom in, or at least do some titling to let us know how the car did….ugh!

Switzer Sledgehammer 997TT- Video.