Apr 16 2009

GTR Battle, The Movie

Welcome to the races! GT-Rs hit Buttonwillow Video Option style.

YouTube – FIRST LOOK: GTR Battle, The Movie.

StreetFire GT-R Battle.

Mar 24 2009

Paul Walker, Tanner Faust and Matt Farah, the Gravity Masters

Bittersweet video for me, I was invited to attend this video shoot but wasn’t able to make it, now after watching this video, I feel completely stupid for not attending…oh well. Great stuff. HD version on Vimeo.

Gravity Masters on Vimeo.

Jan 25 2009

Direct Port nitrous GT-R and more!

Yummy! Found this little overlooked gem on a UK GT-R website I frequent.  The overall build up is pretty impressive, but I haven’t seen anyone mention “the great equalizer”.  That said the car it’s fitted to is pushing over 600whp on a stock fuel system…so I have to wonder how they have this system plumbed up….hopefully it has it’s own fuel system….anyhow, follow the link for more.

First buildup of the R35 Turbo Upgrade. Vids, pics, parts aplenty – GT-R Register – Official Nissan Skyline and GTR Owners Club forum.

Jan 19 2009

Nurburgring in Winter

I have to admit this looks like a ton of fun.

Video: Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring in Winter.

Jan 15 2009

ROTFLMAO, Funniest GT-R Transmission Video EVAH!

2009 Nissan GT-R: Another GT-R Transmission Breaks ?.

Jan 11 2009

Did the GT-R SpecV do a 7:20 Nurburgring time?

My Japanese is not what it used to be, but the folks on NAGTROC are speculating what this slide might mean.I talked with the US Product manager for GT-R last month during the LA Autoshow and he said that the tires alone are going to shave significant time as Dunlop has a new compound available that is good for as much as “4 seconds on a course the size of the Nurburgring”. We’ll have to see what they come back with in April, let the video be the proof.

CAR-ニュース–日産、「GT-R Spec V」発表会を開催
NAGTROC Discussion

Jan 11 2009

California Dream’n on such a winter’s day Part 2

Much better photo of today’s drive into Malibu, this time from Jason from VODcars. Sunny 70 degrees….gotta love Southern California sometimes.

Jan 9 2009

Endless redefines Vented Disc

Hanging out at the GT-R Center and saw this very cool (no pun intended) venting system on the new Rotors from Endless.  While impressive in concept, I have to wonder how durable this is with all the heating and cooling cycles a disc brake goes through.  I have to imagine though, that this both saves weight and cools more effectively.  My Question is, if you’re going to spend this much for a Rotor Upgrade, now wouldn’t it make more sens to just upgrade to V-Spec Ceramic discs?

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: ENDLESS Hybrid Disc

Jan 8 2009

GT-R Spec-V Video

Wishing my Japanese was better, I am in love with the carbon brakes and seats, not so sure about the wheels though.

Nissan Spec-v Release video

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: Spec-v Official Shots from Nissan.

Jan 8 2009

GTR Battle at ButtonWillow

Boo-Yah! Craig gives us another stunner.  Really hate that I missed this event, I hope to make the next one though.

GTR Battle- Video.