Feb 12 2009

New BMW 5 Series massive shnoz concept

Wow, really BMW? You’re really going to take this massive schnoz thing across all your models? Lovely…..I find myself actually missing flame surfacing in contrast.

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo First Images – Autoblog

Feb 11 2009

Corvette Stingray Concept, cool badge

LeftLaneNews just posted pictures of the new Corvette Stingray concept which will have a staring roll in the upcoming Transformers movie.  I’m really digging the badge design of a stylized stingray.  It really grabs some of the “streamlining” romance of a past era, but with a modern edge….much like the Corvette itself.

Corvette Stingray Concept (aka Sideswipe from Transformers 2) Revealed

Feb 5 2009

New styling trends launched on the Pagani Zonda R

I spend a less than healthy amount of time on AutoBlog, Jalopnik, LeftLaneNews and any other website that flows a daily dose of Automotive news. It simply amazes me how fast these guys find stories and give great reporting on breaking models. That said I think some neat features are sometimes missed in an effort to be first to break the big car.

The new Pagani Zonda R captured my imagination not for its serious bad-assness (and yes, this is the Italian kick boxer of bad-assness), but the continuous innovation Pagani pushes in their designs. I mean seriously, who ever thought a race car would be a great place to debut some new styling features? Two of which caught my eye. …..And trust me I’m sure you’ll have these for your car by SEMA 2009.

First the tow hook

(See more photos after the Jump)

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Jan 25 2009

Direct Port nitrous GT-R and more!

Yummy! Found this little overlooked gem on a UK GT-R website I frequent.  The overall build up is pretty impressive, but I haven’t seen anyone mention “the great equalizer”.  That said the car it’s fitted to is pushing over 600whp on a stock fuel system…so I have to wonder how they have this system plumbed up….hopefully it has it’s own fuel system….anyhow, follow the link for more.

First buildup of the R35 Turbo Upgrade. Vids, pics, parts aplenty – GT-R Register – Official Nissan Skyline and GTR Owners Club forum.

Jan 13 2009

FailBlog Delivery Service

….here is a nice heaping shipment of FAIL freshly delivery courtesy of FailBlog.org, one of my favorite time wasting sites on the Internet. Follow the Jump to see a whole shipload of fail…

Pizza Delivery Fail

A whole lot more Fail after the Jump!

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Jan 9 2009

Endless redefines Vented Disc

Hanging out at the GT-R Center and saw this very cool (no pun intended) venting system on the new Rotors from Endless.  While impressive in concept, I have to wonder how durable this is with all the heating and cooling cycles a disc brake goes through.  I have to imagine though, that this both saves weight and cools more effectively.  My Question is, if you’re going to spend this much for a Rotor Upgrade, now wouldn’t it make more sens to just upgrade to V-Spec Ceramic discs?

GTRCenter :: Uncategorized :: ENDLESS Hybrid Disc

Jan 8 2009

The Downside of Magnesium Rims

We all have a fascination with lightweight wheels for our car, heck it’s like jewelry for your “other” woman.  Well, my buddy Brad knows a thing or two about materials and motorsport and he’s mentioned to me that some wheels are great for the track, but are simply too fragile for serious street use.  Indeed some wheels are so light, that they are basically single season throw away items.  The snap above comes from LamboPower, and illustrates the point pretty graphically.  Buyer beware, but be informed.

Dec 30 2008

Concept Fisker Karma – a set on Flickr

Very cool set of photos that remind us car guys that green doesn’t mean ugly…..actually it looks like it can mean super sexy.

Concept Fisker Karma – a set on Flickr.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Misc stuff from the show

_MG_5361.jpg- Album.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, European imports

_MG_5346.jpg- Album.