Feb 26 2009

25/2/09 : SUV Slams Into Big Rig.- Video

Wow, pretty bad crash.

25/2/09 : SUV Slams Into Big Rig.- Video.

Feb 4 2009

What wierd sequence of events lead to this?

I’m not sure how you did this, but the result was quite impressive.

Weird Accident Aftermath, Just Hang in there…- Video.

Jan 8 2009

The Downside of Magnesium Rims

We all have a fascination with lightweight wheels for our car, heck it’s like jewelry for your “other” woman.  Well, my buddy Brad knows a thing or two about materials and motorsport and he’s mentioned to me that some wheels are great for the track, but are simply too fragile for serious street use.  Indeed some wheels are so light, that they are basically single season throw away items.  The snap above comes from LamboPower, and illustrates the point pretty graphically.  Buyer beware, but be informed.

Jan 5 2009

Father Saves Kid From Ferrari Crash

Well, more like he scooped up his kid after the car stopped moving, but still a scary moment for any parent.

Father Saves Kid From Ferrari Crash – Video.

Dec 24 2008

Cars vs Snow, Merry Christmas!

Probably my last post until after Christmas. I’m chilling out with the Family in Pensacola, so not much time to blog, but here are a few videos from those not chill’n out in Florida…snowy crashes…

Icy Crash.- Video.

Dec 15 2008

This is why you wear a racing harness..

…when doing stupid stuff with a car, make sure it’ properly outfited with safety equipment less this occur. I hope these guys are okay.

Saudi drift gone bad!- Video.

Oct 31 2008

Street Racing leads too……

Street Race – Big Crash- Video.

Oct 29 2008

Video, don’t jump a car doing doughnuts…

Really Really Stupid…….- Video.

Oct 25 2008

Video, why you don’t drive in a trucks “no” zone

Semi trucks have very limited visibility, so it’s highly recomendd you stay out of thei “No” Zone blind spots. This video shows graphically what can happen if you don’t respect a trucker’s blind spots.

Semi-Truck Demolishes Car On Freeway- Video.

Oct 24 2008

How Not To Unload A Car Video

What the title says… poor poor Subaru…

How Not To Unload A Car Video.