Feb 12 2009

New BMW 5 Series massive shnoz concept

Wow, really BMW? You’re really going to take this massive schnoz thing across all your models? Lovely…..I find myself actually missing flame surfacing in contrast.

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo First Images – Autoblog

Feb 10 2009

BMW Beats by BsaintMedia.com

I’m always impressed by the quality of work people upload to Streetfire, here’s a nice little Tuesday treat by BSaint, love it.

BsaintMedia.com 2008 Demo Reel – Steve Nawrocki- Video.

Jan 27 2009

Nikolett Szántó Queen of Euro Drift

Nikolett Szántó – Promo video- Video.

Jan 19 2009

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video

I’ve seen this car race before and I have to say it sounds far cooler from the inboard camera. Most impressive.

bmw m3 gtr nurburgring nordschleife 4th vln run qu- Video.

Jan 12 2009

Bimmerfest, New Race Headers for the V8 M3!

M3 S65 Race Headers

Good gracious, full length spaghetti hotness.  No detail int eh post, but follow the link and ask away.  My initial thought it you’re going to have Catalyytic converter pre-light off issues so expect a SES light….but then these are race headers, I just know someone is going to put them on a street car thinking there won’t be any issues.  Very happy to see parts coming out for the new M3 so quickly though.  Very good sign.

M3 S65 Race Headers – bimmerfest – BMW Forums

Dec 19 2008

BMW X6 = Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

BMW X6, A Sporty Dog Purse

I was talking with my buddies Matthew and Josh and all three of us agree the the BMW X6 is supremely sexy, but there is just something about it I just can’t get past. How can you buy an SUV of that size and still not be able to comfortably transport a real dog? (You know like a Golden Retriever) Then I realized I understood the X6 at last. It’s designed to be sexy and oddly wrong, leading me to the above.

Dec 14 2008

BMW M3 E46 Turbo vs Lamborghini Gallardo- Video

What the title says

BMW M3 E46 Turbo vs Lamborghini Gallardo- Video.

Oct 14 2008

Video, Trance and the BMW, oh and my M3 is for sale

Pretty cool video. And just a reminder, my 2003 BMW M3 with only 36K miles is for Sale.

Eurowerkz Performance BMW Magazine Shoot- Video.

Oct 13 2008

Video, BMW M5 Nurburgring Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3

BMW M5 Taxi vs Porsche 911 GT3- Video.

Oct 11 2008

Video, 5th Gear uses girls to test the M3 vs IS-F

Funny, and an unique take as always.

364 Fifth Gear – Lexus IS-F BMW M3 Girls Test- Video.