Apr 10 2009

Episode 1: Mustang Drift: Japan- Video

Episode 1: Mustang Drift: Japan- Video.

Feb 6 2009

Shelby gets real, and throws down gauntlet.

Carroll Shelby, Is a legend for the cars he’s built the races he’s won, and his take no crap attitude that he instills into his product. Last night Carroll threw down the gauntlet and told the other Mustang tuners to get out of the way, this is how you build a drag car. John Naderi and Will Roegge from StreetFire were there to catch the action, sadly no coverage yet of the banquet that followed were John Force called Carroll out for feeding beer to his beef herd, but hey, that’s another story. Enjoy the video, can’t wait to see this beast destroy the track.

800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M- Video.

Jan 13 2009

chrome Mustang GT500

Tuning is alive and kicking in the UAE.

chrome and carbon supercars by car-movies.de- Video.

Jan 13 2009

Flying Mustang

Nearly lost it at the end too.

Flying Horses- Video.

Dec 25 2008

The Death Race Movie-car Mustang- Video

Alexis just uploaded this interview he did of the Deathrace Mustang. I have to admit that is one of the cool things about living in LA is easy access to these on screen legends.

The Death Race Movie-car Mustang- Video.

Dec 7 2008

Kevin Fiscus in Car Crash Video

Big congrats to Kevin for keeping it out of the wall.

Kevin Fiscus in Car Crash Vid From Snowbird’s- Video.

Nov 19 2008

2010 Mustang FIRST Reveal!!- Video

Jonathan and Alexis jsut shot and put this up!

2010 Mustang FIRST Reveal!!- Video.

Nov 13 2008

Knight Rider, destroying our Hobby

I really have to wonder how a company as big as NBC can’t find just one person who knows the first thing about cars to act as a consultant on this show. I keep trying to watch it, but it comes across to me as a big Ford infomercial wrapped in a completely wrong understanding of automotive culture. Really sad.

Hulu – Knight Rider: Knight of the Living Dead – Watch the full episode now..

Oct 27 2008

Video, Mofo brings the Mustangs

…and Challenger, and ISF and Trans Am….great collection of rides in this piece.

Mofo-Turbo Mustangs,BBC malibu,BBC Mustang,SRT8 Ch- Video.

Oct 19 2008

Video, Domestic racing

Another cool video from Mafia Motorsports

MyWs6,C5427,C6Z06,LS1STANG,383CAMARO- Video.